Last week a close friend of mine found himself in the hands of some petty thieves who according to his description were street boys around the Tuskys commercial area.

The two who he says were in their teen ages demanded for nothing but money to buy food for themselves and their friends. They were not interested in taking his phone or any other valuables he had on him at the time. They had two rusty knives which they used to scare him.

Listening to his situation, of course I do feel for him but I felt like it’s a situation that could have been avoided. Here are some of the ways I think can save you from finding yourself in such situations;

  1. Avoid downtown areas past 9:30 PM

Streets boys are usually in most parts of the CBD as from around 6:30PM but it is easier for them to hold you hostage in the downtown areas of the city. So to be on the safe side I would suggest that you avoid such parts and any other you don’t trust as from 9:30 in the evening.

  1. Do not try to negotiate with them not unless they have completely cornered you already

My friend tried to negotiate his way out instead of looking for ways to free himself. This guys will not leave you until you give them something so in situations where they have approached you but haven’t yet cornered you, just keep moving and make sure you lead them to open areas where they can’t get the chance to corner you.

  1. Avoid crowded areas

Crowded areas are their perfect target areas to hold their victims hostage especially in the middle of matatus. To avoid giving them that perfect opportunity it would be wise to avoid walking in the middle of matatus and any other crowded areas that make you feel unsafe.

  1. Beware of what’s happening around you

In most cases these guys usually follow their victims for around five to ten minutes as they wait for the perfect moment to pounce on them so it’s good to always beware of what’s going on around you. If you see any suspicious activities going around you can always move to safety.

  1.  Walk in groups if you really have to use paths around downtown

If you really have to go to such areas at night it’s safer if you ask someone or people to accompany you.