FEAREver experienced a near real scare while asleep? Well, that might have been Sleep Paralysis, or maybe witchcraft.Biologically, sleep paralysis is a phenomenon in which people when awakening temporarily experience an inability to move. It is mostly caused by shock which results from bad dreams or terrifying silhouettes in a room i.e. an intruder or a hanged coat on the wall. The shock causes a complete muscle atonia (extreme weakness of the muscles). This effect prevents individuals from acting out of their dreams. Sleep paralysis has been linked to disorders such as migraines,isolation, anxiety disorders and obstructive sleep apnea.


  • Avoid horror movies
  • Remove any scary wall hangings
  • Sleep happy
  • Avoid weed and other intoxicants
  • Take pain killer in case of migraines
  • Pray before you sleep
  • Read a VarCity article to cheer up when stressed
  • Get a roommate