Born Judith Nyambura Mwangi in Nakuru known to many as Avril,studied in Kenya and Uganda for elementary school, O and A levels,then graduated from the University of Nairobi School of Art and Design with a degree in Design. Avril was signed to the Ogopa Deejays label and released a debut single entitled ‘Mama’.

Avril has worked with a number of artists in Kenya as well as East Africa such as A.Y from Tanzania and LAM from Sudan.She has also starred in the MTV series ‘Shuga’ based on sex,love and money and is a crowd puller.


Varcity sat down with her to get to know about her love life, music and acting career and this is what she had to say:

I heard that you’ve put your wedding on hold due to emotional turmoil. Would you like to explain why?

Yes. My father passed away early this year so I have put plans on hold.

What led you to do a motown jazz song with AY on ‘No Stress’?

I wrote No Stress quite some time back but shelved it because I didn’t think that people would be receptive to that style of music. I gained the confidence to do it eventually last year and requested my brother AY to be part of it. I was ecstatic when he agreed.

How was it collaborating with M.I. Abaga on Coke Studio Africa?

It was an amazing experience. Rarely do you meet people with whom you gel on an intellectual level and immediately hit it off. That was the experience. Incredible.

Do you have any projects that you are currently working on?

I do I do. There’s an incredible song I’ve been featured in by Susumila that’s dropping very soon as well as a personal project that is due for release very soon too. Can’t wait for you to listen to my new music.

How has life been since the passing on of your father?

Hard, emotional, but we keep our heads held high and cherish family.

Do you write your songs from personal experiences or other people’s experiences?

Both actually. I like making my music realistic so that people can relate to the lyrics.

Who does your personal styling?

Achie Otigo has styled my red carpet looks and shoots for the longest time.


If given the opportunity would you do ‘SHUGA’ again?

I definitely would. It was my cameo to acting and the messaging behind Shuga was worth me being part of it.

What is your advice to the youth who are deep into drugs, sex and violence?

Life is about more than that. You can achieve pure love, happiness and fulfillment by doing so much more with life. Surround yourself with people who make you greater and make you want to be he best version of yourself.

Any last words?

Do good always.

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