Avril Sings On The Strength of A Woman In ‘Yule Dame’

Avril is one young lady who has taken the showbiz industry under her wing. Avril has won many awards,she has performed for several heads of state,and has been a successful actress starring in ‘Mali’ and the MTV Series-Shuga Two.
In her latest song ‘Yule Dame’ she is talking about the women in our lives who have made a difference in our society be it a tailor, artist, musician, mother, pilot, politician and so on. This song has an Afro-pop beat to it and it also speaks about the strength of a woman, as a special tribute to every superwoman out there rising above, time and time again. Avril gave a special thanks to the ladies on the video who gave their time and shared their stories.
The video also features Kalekye Mumo as a Saloon Manager and our very own politician Rachel Shebesh. During an interview over the weekend, Avril revealed to the viewers that the song was actually written by Amileena, and the video was shot by two Zambian music directors from the company N.X.T Solutionz. The audio was produced by DJ Space of MOB Studions.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think:

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