Father’s Day was on Sunday and most fathers were appreciated for their unwavering support all through the lives of their children. I never really thought people acknowledge this day until this year when my Facebook and Instagram was filled with statuses about people appreciating The Man of The House. We can’t ignore that man who sits back as you mum complains about everything and anything, the one who scares all your friends with his serious face, the one who loves and guards his family with all his might. They deserve to be celebrated even if just for a day.
Here are the Top 10 famous Dads of Year:


One of the best Djs in Kenya is a father too. The father of a beautiful baby boy is appreciated. He shows love for his only son by posting numerous photos of the adorable sweetheart.A proud family man,ey? It’s always adorable when men show love for their babies and that’s probably what makes him more loveable besides his good mixes. Dj Hypnotic there’s a thing you didn’t know adds you points with the fans.

dj hypnotic