The  SONU Chairman Babu owino has called for a mega demonstration from tomorrow at exactly 6:58am,for all the universities in Kenya. It will be massive and terrific demo which will leave Kenyans dizzy,puzzled and many Boinet boys crippled. The government must decide between paying the lecturers or facing a firestorm.
The students have also vowed that,it is only tomorrow and tomorrow that Ringera must behave & HELB should be dancing in their accounts.
The public is warned to avoid the following roads; Uhuru highway, Statehouse road ,Uon fly over ,Parliament road, Lower Kabete road & university way, unless you want your car to get an injury.
Please avail yourselves at any freedom corner in your university.
Carry  Fresh Water, Stones and Paraffin, and also wear light shoes and sufuria on your head.
We need HELB and LECTURES.
Washington Junior Onyango Masira kindaki Bishop of Violence