Heads are now rolling in regards to Babu Owino’s latest slur against the president after being arrested and put in. However, although the case has to be proven before charged, if found guilty, he will be subjected to a 7 year jail term.

In a quick act by the law enforcement authorities, the newly elected MP will now face a case worth his mis-behaviour.

According to the charge sheet, Babu acted contrary to section 77 (1) (f) of the penal code.

babu owino

the section reads in part:
”Intended or calculated to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against any public officer, or any class of public officers, in the execution of his or their duties, or any naval, military or air force or the National Youth Service for the time being lawfully in Kenya or any officer or member of any such force in the execution of his duties…”

If found guilty, the former student leader could face 7 years in jail.

This could lead to him losing his parliamentary seat.

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