The environment definitely feels different today, confusion and disbelief is what many Kenyans are currently going through following CS Henry Rotich’s ‘forceful’ addition of a 16% percent VAT on petroleum products.

I call it forceful because the same had been suspended for at least the next two years by members of parliament but he still went ahead to implement it anyway. Many people woke up to pay more bus fare than what they have been paying and the same solicited mixed reactions among many Kenyans with even some of the legislatures seemingly agreeing that this move will many Kenyans financially.

Following the public outcry since yesterday, Babu Owino and a few other legislatures took to social media to support what the ‘wananchi’ are saying. Babu leading on this one took to Facebook to put up a long post directed to President Uhuru Kenyatta asking him to curb the ongoing borrowing of money from other countries like the US and China in the name of funding projects that in most cases never get to completion.

The fast soaring public debt is being blamed for the high cost of living we have in the country right now.

In the post Babu alleges that in his knowledge the president borrowed around Ksh450 billion and in his latest visit to China he is likely to borrow another Ksh380 billion almost totaling to a trillion.

Nice words he used in this post, however Kenyans don’t seem to agree with him as they feel like these legislatures just play mind games with the people. Many on the comment section urged to get off social media and do something about the situation including pushing for a cut in their own pay as they say it has played a part in the ongoing crises.

Check out the long post in the link below and tell us what you think;