Sitting SONU chairman has declared his candidature for member of National Assembly for Embakasi East constituency.

babu owino

Babu is widely known for his ambition and aggressive nature in whatever he seeks to achieve be it a successful demonstration to winning an election to getting an earful from the Government.

This year Babu Owino still contests against others to be chairman possibly for his last year as he cannot be a member of National Assembly and a University of Nairobi’s SONU Chairman.

This is not the first time Babu has participated in state politics as he vied for the same position in Westlands during the last elections but was not successful. He however would have to tone down some of his traits a little bit as state politics are a more mature and civil ground compared to student politics.

I however wish him the best in his bid to make a difference in Embakasi and the country as a whole.