It has been 5 days since his election as SONU Chair, here are his milestones in his first 5 days in office:

1.Babu wrote a letter to HELB and delivered it personally on monday 2pm, demanding that HELB be increased by 500%. The HELB CEO replied on wednesday 9am, saying that HELB will be increased by 150% only
2.Six comrades that were being remanded at industrial Area have all been released,this is after Babu wrote a petition to Chief Justice and led comrades to Supreme court on monday
3.Babu owino has secured thirty eight internships for Economics comrades at KCB. More job opportunities will follow

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4. Sixteen comrades that were previously on suspension are to be reinstated before the end of this month. Ben sirkal, OCS, Janganya and other comrades currently suspended/expelled on political grounds will also be reinstated unconditionally
5.Police have started fresh and in-depth forensic investigations into the real causes of death of the three UoN comrades that died last month…
6.Security within and around campus has been thoroughly beefed up..the OCS central has agreed to have three patrol cars around main campus and chiromo campus.No comrade should die again because of insecurity


By @Varcity