When chaos erupts, there’s always a bigger agenda behind it.Even though Universities has been quite silent and harmonious the last couple of days,this may not be the case a few days to come.

Babu Owino the chairman of all the university students in Kenya has broke his silence over the leadership style of Egerton university Vice Chancellor.
Babu has told Prof. J.K Tuitoek to prepare for war. Babu was addressing students after receiving reports that three SUEU leaders among them, the union chairman Mr. Isaac Ongoma had been suspended by the university senate indefinitely.
 The management through a letter to the three explained that it had suspended the three after establishing that they engaged in inciting either directly or indirectly the students to go on the rampage.The university is set to open its doors for registration starting tomorrow and has also informed other students that no exam cards will be issued to them if they do not clear their school fees and damage fees charges.
egerton university
Egerton Notice to Students
Babu Owino had earlier on asked the Egerton students to ignore the threats by the administration and keep away from paying the said damage fees. He said that every public university had insured their buildings and properties against student riots hence the management should use the funds from the insurance company to repair window panes and shops which were destroyed.
Egerton students though well aware of his powers dismissed Babu’s words and since Monday have thronged Banks within Nakuru and its environment to beat up the the deadline of paying the damage fees. Babu has told the Vice Chancellor that students will not be cowed into coiling their tails by his threats and suspension letters. He promised to marshall up support from his own ruthless University of Nairobi  students to ensure that the student leaders were recalled back to campus as soon as yesterday.
Babu addressing the media
Babu addressing the media
Is this a good thing…or will more chaos erupt??