The lecturers’ strike was called off on the 13th March 2017 after the CBA for lecturers was signed. The lecturers had been out of school for two months as they demonstrated for better pay. Their strike though not as loud as the Doctors’ strike seemed more effective as their demands were met. The University Academic Staff Union(UASU), which has members in 33 universities, had demanded a 400 percent pay rise. It has now agreed to a 17.5 percent increase in basic pay and 3.9 percent increase in housing allowance. Lecturers’ basic salaries are 69,000-200,000 shillings before allowances.

The strike however has affected the structure of most if not all the public universities’ first semester of the year. Even as students are set to go back to school to attend their lectures many are confused about how the semester is set to look like. What is most likely to happen is that the semester will eat into the break between the months of April and May. May is when the next semester should begin. Seeing that students might have just two months of study, there might be a rush among lecturers to complete the curriculum, back to back make-up classes and little if any breaks.

The news that was earlier disseminated stating this semester was scrapped would have caused this year’s to graduate next year. The strike has left students disoriented and unsure of how the rest of the year is set to look for them

Next semester which should run from May to August too may be altered to accommodate the country’s general elections. Maybe the government should have put all these in to consideration before and sign the CBA earlier. After all, it ended up meeting the lecturers’ demands.

Let us hope that students will well adjust to this and next semester’s structure and possible pressure.