Babu Owino’s troubles seem far from over after a judge yesterday ordered for scrutiny and a recount of the votes cast in the Embakasi East constituency during the August 8th election.

High court judge, Justice Joseph Sergon gave the verdict stating parties in the petition had confirmed that there had been errors in the tallying process. This leaves the controversial Member of Parliament election win hanging on the balance.

Jubilee’s Francis Murethi who lost to ODM’s Babu Owino had been challenging the election since 2017 saying he had lost the election unfairly with some instances where there was inflation of Votes on Mr. Owino’s side and deflation on his side.

According to Mr. Mureithi’s lawyer, Ham Lagat, some forms were not legible while some of the form 35 As lacked the official IEBC stamp and others did not bear signatures of the presiding officer.

Babu Owino’s lawyer however said lack of stamps in 44 random polling stations was not a major reason to conclude that the election had had some irregularities.

The case is set to be heard on February 26th to assess the scrutiny and recount outcome.