They say the best way to get back at your enemies or haters is by hitting them with the success and it seems like gospel artist Bahati is doing exactly that.

The singer recently had to deal with a lot of hate for his new reality show #Being Bahati, just when he thought it would be received positively things completely went the other way round. The hate seems to have kinda gotten to him and in an effort to shut it down the “Lala Amka” hit maker decided to show his haters what looks like his latest pricey purchase, a new black Mercedes Benz.

He shared a picture of himself posing next to the Germany Machine with a caption that actually portrayed him as someone who is being bitter over something.

“Thank you Jesus for another blessing, hamwezi bishana na mi hata kama shuleni nlipata D”,

read the caption of the photo.

Some of Bahati’s followers seemed happy for his success while others felt like though he was denouncing education and they therefore called him off for that. The rest had issues like him sagging his pants but hey, we all know people will always have something to talk about as long as you are successful and in the public eye.