After rocking fans at Kenyatta Uni the previous weekend, the famed mseto campus tour pitched camp at Mount Kenya university (MKU) main campus in Thika Saturday the 29th.


Students from MKU and people from the neighborhood thronged the school grounds to be entertained by numerous musicians who were present.  

As they eagerly waited for the show to begin at 2 o’clock, there was a basketball match that was going on at the court between MKU and Strathmore University. Despite the fact that it was a friendly match, one would judge that they were fighting for a cup or some grand prize. Both teams fought tough and MKU with the advantage of being the host lead in the preliminary games but later lost to Strathmore in the finals. Strathmore won with the advantage that their coach looked tough while MKU had non but only cheers from comrades who were watching.  

Ely Young artists
Ely Young artists

The event kicked off as soon as the emcees introduced the show and the Djs ensured that fans were coming closer towards where they could get the music and grab Huawei t-shirts that were being given out. Opening performances were given out to several up-coming and the talented artists from MKU and other schools as well as those from Thika and its environs.

Willy M Tuva on stage
Willy M Tuva on stage

Curtain raisers at the main event took to the stage also as Fundi Frank emceed the appearances. Some of the artists included Tiara, Kassie, Kapedo the poet and the well-known Kennet B who thrilled fans with spoken word that seemed vulgar but very well educating especially to the set audience that was in place.


Several dancers were present, more in particular, a group from Kibera that introduced their dance as an effort to preach peach to the youthful generation towards the 2017 elections.


Mzazi Willy M Tuva took the throne after being welcomed by Kaka Zema and Fundi Frank as King who promotes talent. Mzazi did his things by introducing more upcoming artists. He further gave out more gifts from Huawei ranging from t-shirts, Sefie sticks, headphones, Huawei umbrellas and mobile phones.


He then went ahead to introduce the main acts for the day.  

Headlining Acts

Avril went on stage and thrilled her fans to the fullest proving that she is still loved by many. Those in attendance were enjoying her music as all were singing along to songs like Chokoza, Yule Dame and Hey Mama.


Just as the sun was going down, Bahati came on stage and took the show as many students had been waiting for him. Indeed Bahati has fanatics here!


Security had a rough time as fans were lifting him to the crowd and as if that wasn’t enough, for the love he received, he ended up giving out his pair of shinny shoes and the ankara shirt he had it on.

Bahati fans get a chance to put their hands on him
Bahati fans get a chance to put their hands on him

Thanks to the  Huawei team and Radio Citizen for the fun filled Saturday afternoon.