“I personally feel & accept that as “BAHATI” I have not represented Jesus & the Gospel Music as God expects. I know this might not be the best Platform to Speak about this but we all know that The Public has Lost Trust in Us Gospel Musicians. Can we all agree that The Saints & the Streets don’t See God in us anymore? Yes we Can’t Ignore the fact that the Church is complaining that’s why “NONE” of our Urban Gospel Songs can be used in Praise & Worship Services. I feel Guilty & Sorry for Contributing in Devaluing THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST… Our Focus has been making Hit songs, Scandals & Headlines and we are not Proud of Our Lord God & Savior JESUS CHRIST. Yes We Forgot the “CALLING” and Ministry… I personally feel my Last Gospel Song was “BARUA” in 2014 nanimechangia Sana kupaka Jina la Yesu Matope… Lord, please forgive me”

That was gospel singer Bahati’s apology on behalf of the gospel industry. It appears that even Bahati has noticed that the music they’ve been churning out can’t really be considered gospel music but have rather disintegrated into club bangers. Willy Paul and Size 8’s new song, Tiga Wana being an example of such songs.

Bahati Shuts Down the Huawei Mseto Campus Tour at MKU-Thika

However, in a quick rejoinder, Bien of Sauti Sol has come out to call out Bahati on what he considers a publicity stunt. Bein advises(for lack of a better word) Bahati not to write songs with the aim of winning an award, and to get good songwriters to work with.

Bahati go and write songs or rather get good songwriters to work with. DO NOT do music targeting awards. Awards are a by-product of quality. Use this energy to better your musicianship. Also who told you to speak on behalf of Gospel musicians? There are plenty of Gospel artists who are doing God’s work with anointing as they should. So stop roping an entire industry into your publicity stunts. It just makes Kenyan musicians in general look bad. Sautisol didn’t sing Kuliko Jana targeting any award. Music from the heart goes to the heart. As musicians our legacy is cast on song not hype. I mean this with love and respect.

The awards reference is probably considering speculation that secular artists Sauti Sol and Nyashinki might be up for nomination for Male Artist of The Year in upcoming awards. Bahati might as well be scared that competition just got stiffer, who knows?