It looks like the debate on the banning of public transport vehicles from the CBD is now over. It will be illegal for them to do so starting from Monday, 3rd.

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PSVS coming in and leaving the CBD

A notice published on the dailies on Thursday stated that Nairobi county government has established 11 termini that will be used instead of the previous ones.

As from Monday, all matatus from Uhuru Highway, Waiyaki Way, Kiambu, Thika Road, Kipande Road, and Limuru Road will pick and drop passengers at Fig Tree in Ngara. While all high capacity buses from upcountry will be stationed at Machakos Country bus next to Muthurwa market.

Matatus plying Mombasa Road and Lang’ata Road will now drop and pick passengers at Hakati terminus. While those from Jogoo Road will now terminate at Muthurwa.

All matatus plying Ngong Road will now be expected to stop at Railways. While those that go past Kenol on the Nyeri-Meru-Nairobi road and all upcountry PSVs accessing the city via Waiyaki Way will now drop and pick passengers from the Park Road terminus.

Meanwhile, Matatu operators have vowed to defy the directives. Claiming the new termini do not have enough space to handle more than 16000 PSVS that operate in the city on a daily basis. They have also complained about lack of basic amenities such as lighting and toilets making it difficult for the crew that operates the PSVS to do their work properly.

The ban is expected to ease traffic around the city.