Bankers Bag The Cup!! KCB Whoop Kabras Sugar in Kenya Cup Final.


Just like in 2007, Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) are the cream of the crop in this year’s Kenya Cup Rugby  League. This is a position they safely secured secured on Saturday 14th of March.

The  rugby royalties won this title after beating Kabras Sugar a clean 27-3 at the RFUEA grounds during the finals. Nakuru came in third after beating Strathmore Leos 21-15 at the play-offs as Thika RFC, the nationwide league title winners, beat Bungoma 13-11, promoting both teams th the 2015/2016 Rugby Cup League.
On several occasions Kabras threatened KCB’s lines but the defence they met with was stout, causing them to hardly reach the five meter mark. Brian Tanga earned the sugarboys their only points as they were denied possession particularly in their strong points, the line outs.
Olago says he almost called it quits after 2012/2013 semis and 2013/2014 finals but his boys encouraged  him to march on for their win last weekend.
Kabras accepted their defeat with good grace after the nail biting match, admitting that their failure was as a result of lack of experience. They admit to not being ready enough and having used the match as a stepping stone to the next levels.
The aftermath of the match was met with a vibrant celebration by the fans through a sizzling barbeque and a tantalizing buffet. This was surely a day to remember; KCB finally stole back the glory!