Fast rising artist, Bany released his first single this year on 20th May 2017. The video features a lady who is doing her chores before she heads out to shop. Her secret admirer come stalker is watching her as she sweeps and follows her to the shopping centre.

She has a feeling that she is being followed as she looks back but her admirer manages to hide. As he realizes that is going to shop for clothes, she gets her an outfit and drops it off with her mother to surprise her and later takes her out. The shift in locations between the market and club make the video more interesting.

The song and video are both romantic though the video has a rather unusual story line because naturally an African mother would not keep and give you a love letter and outfit for her daughter bought by a stranger. The video and audio are both of good quality. The audio was produced by MG Studios and the video directed by Mushking.

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