About a two weeks ago a video went viral of Barak Jaccuzzi being beaten up with the whole squad of TnT (Timmy Blanco and Twenny Eights). On the same day Barak was beaten up, he was at an interview at Homeboys radio and TnT raided the interview!. Barak got scared and run off the interview, or probably he just didn’t want any beef, he’s always about good vibes. Lol

Later that night they raided his house and beat him up real bad, and all that was captured in a video. Barak’s fans had his back all the way! They even reported those viral videos of him being beaten up and yea Instagram had to take them down, but the internet never forgets.

Today morning, TnT released a diss track “Barat Japussy diss.”

I know, I know the title is definitely clickbait. I had to click when I saw the title. They really went in on the title, TnT don’t play. It feels like Kenyan Hollywood lol. It almost feels like the Eminem, Machine Gun Kelly rap feud.

In the diss track TnT claims that Barak involved the feds in all this beef. While TnT were handling their sh*t Barak was busy involving the feds. That explains the title of the diss track!

Im not taking sides but that diss track is mad lit, bars after bars. These are some of them

“Cuzzi said he wanted the smoke now he got cancer”

“Niggas trying to ask me about Barak I’m like JaccWhoIsHe ?”.

A snitch nigga thats that shit i dont like


Go check the music below:

Who want the smoke now??

Meanwhile, we are waiting for Barak’s response. He hasn’t responded anything yet on social media. Better yet, he can also release a diss track. Let’s take all this energy to the studio!