Extracurricular activities were kick started because apart from earning you medals and scholarships, they, in a way, help build you in your classwork.

As most things in this world, basketball and Sex, relate. Here is how:

1:If you’re a serious player, your body is most likely fit. Women love that, so you’ll attract a couple of them, if you play your cards right, you just might whip it.

2:Basketball is all about hand, feet and eye co-ordination. Your Hands will be firm but gentle. That earns you a bonus over regular guys. Your body works with you in-sync to achieve maximum productivity.

3:The game is all about team work. So this tames you in such a way that you’re not too controlling nor too submissive. Women prefer it when you lead but keeping in mind that you don’t undermine them.

4: Practise always has you running suicide sprints on the court. So when you’re off the pitch you get tired less faster. Need I say more??

5: The more you play, the better you get at shooting hoops. Your body achieves self-confidence. Ultimately, you say goodbye to stage freight and most importantly, you do not shoot blanks.

Passion for the game does pay off tremendously.

By Vix.