Guns-Wallpapers  (13)The most feared creature in all institutions is..know what am taking about. when it approaches we cower, we wanna run but it makes us weak to even run from it. it’s a creature that sometimes warns us when it wants to check in or it can come without warning anyone. oh, it gives us shivers and goose bumps, not forgetting the memory state that our normal lifestyle take when the creature is right at the corner.

students tend to talk less, walk less, eat less and even sleep less or barely sleep at all. we equip ourselves with all the weapons in the world to kill it so as it may not cripple us or even destroy our existence in our societies. it always has the list of students to devour, woe unto you who is not ready for the battle you have no place of your own. at the end of the battle, the creature ranks its opponents from the best to the poor depending on your performance at the battle field. the listing leaves one devastated or rejoicing.  it is interesting for this battle is not for the weak and lazy. counting the months down the year. it’s that time of the month when the creature is on its way to the compounds of our instututions..EXAM!!!!!

buckle up friends, time has come to show the creature we’ve been preparing for it since the beginning.