Politics has taken center stage in Kenya in the last few weeks. There have been primaries that are still going on in some parts of the Country due to court orders and also a large number of Independent candidates are registering after losing out. We currently have two political forces in NASA and Jubilee that are competing for the top job in the Country.

Competition has taken another switch this time round as we now have two great songs that have been released by artists affiliated to these two political coalitions. We had the first song being done by Onyi Jalamo and it has taken over political airwaves for sometime now. The song titled Tibim related to the phrase brought up by former SONU chair Babu Owino has been a hit song in the recent weeks. It is now the official campaign song for the NASA coalition.

You can check out the NASA Tibim song below;

The Jubilee side have already responded and in Ben Githae have found a creative artist for their campaign anthem.

Ben Githae who is a gospel artist seems to have been swept by the political waves in the Country and has released Ndani Tena, a song that is pushing for the Jubilee agenda. The word Ndaaaani has become famous since KANU secretary general first said it in a political function. The current President Uhuru Kenyatta has also picked on it in his speeches. Ben Githae has taken this word and made it useful in identifying his new song as a political slogan for the Jubilee Party.

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