When Ugandan socialite Zari landed in Kampala, she did it in style. She bought a convertible Mercedes Benz.


Coincidence or not Huddah Monroe, Kenya’s self proclaimed nudist had already posted  pictures of her new Range Rover.

huddah monroe range rover

Is it a competition? A stunt? Teenagers stuck in adult bodies? Nobody really knows .

I almost forgot our other honorable socialite Vera Sidika. I think she figured out with fake big boobs comes huge responsibility. Call me mean but I’m being real. Last night she announced the opening of Vera Sidika Hair Lounge. I mean we’ve all wanted to have a long weaves on our heads haven’t we? If you’re nodding I’ll assume your sarcasm detector requires replacement.

vera sidika hair lounge

There’s a trend among these three ladies and perhaps if you want to be a socialite, these are the rules you must live by.

1.  Sleep around

2. Post nudes once in awhile

3. Have tweefs and online arguments

4. Use all money on luxuries

5. Start a brand and act like you went to school

I think that sums up #socialite101  I mean look at the bubbling under socialites. It’s either about their assets or skills set in some unspoken areas. I’m done being the judge.

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