Faith Mwelu is a 3rd year Bachelor of Arts Kiswahili student from Moi University. She is a model and she talks to Varcity on her journey as a beauty and also a business woman.

Who is Faith Mwelu?

I am a student, model and business woman selling jewelry to students in Moi University.

When did you start your Jewelry Business?

I started way back in 2015 and have been doing this for two years now. I was on long holiday at that time and decided to do something. I am a model and love adorning myself with jewelries. This made me love jewelry because I liked having them on my body. I chose this business because I felt that my modelling was related to it and I wanted to make money off of it.

What inspired you into selling Jewelry?

This is how it started. I was shopping for my jewelry in Nairobi and came across a jewelry wholesale store and liked their prices. I thought of a business idea because I was used to buying jewelry at expensive prices. I was on holiday at that time so I thought why not give it a try.

How do you get your Jewelry?


I get them from Nairobi where they are sold at wholesale prices. I buy them at a certain price then bring them with me to campus. After getting them from Nairobi I bring them on campus and sell to other students who want to look good with jewelry.

How do you decide on the selling price?

I sell jewelry according to its type and sometimes look. The most expensive earrings go for 150 Kenyan shillings and I also sell chokers at 250. I always think the prices are “comradefriendly”.

Lets talk about clients, how do they contact you?

Right now I do not have a specific outlet so I use any contacts I have. We are lucky that we live in an era of Whatsapp groups so I take pictures and share them. When students in the groups see them they can make orders for the jewelry and I deliver them. I do door to door delivery because it is easier going around on campus.

You are a Bachelor of Arts student, do you get into trouble with your parents about this?

Absolutely not. My parents are very supportive of this and they help me in any way possible. I also model and they have never been in contrast with what I do.

Do you make enough money from your business?

Yes I do. I sell jewelry and also model. I participate in events maybe as a runway model, a judge and trainer and get paid. I always look out for contacts and people we share the same ideas. This helps me to get orders for my jewelry and helps develop my business.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


I see myself having my own shop and continuing what I do now even after I finish college. I love jewelry and modelling and I am not giving up anytime soon.

How can people find you on social media?

They can find me on Facebook as Faith Mwelu. I am on Instagram @Faceyfaith and on Twitter @faceyfaith.