Beauty in Size: The ‘Fabulosity’ Of Plus Size Women

There is certainly beauty in curves. The fashion world is very slowly beginning to accept plus size models. Plus Fabulosity has Illustrated this  through their Miss Plus Size Kenya contest.

There is such a huge misconception that plus size is unhealthy or that plus-sized people don’t work out as much as they should or even so much — It’s so obvious all the time that we don’t at  look at plus-sized the same way as ‘average-sized’.

Adding full figured models within the fashion industry, is an iconic idea by one super woman, Francisca Nyamu. The face behind Plus Fabulosity, Francisca is out to embolden the curvy woman. Francisca is not only a beauty queen but also witty-fashionable and previous a model as well. Her platform is all about empowering women.
Francisca Nyamu, CEO
Francisca Nyamu, Plus Fabulosity CEO
Started in 2013 Plus Fabulosity is mainly about fashion, lifestyle and entertainment providing services such as Runway, photographic, commercial and editorial models.
Francisca said;
“We are about helping other women get to a place where they like themselves and how they look. We help women get to the place they want to be in life. And now is the time to do so. Don’t wait to lose weight or until your life is just perfect to make changes. Pursue your dreams right now.”
Plus Fabulosity  organizes photo shoots, fashion shows, pageants, hosting social dinners and parties. They also feature models on periodicals revolving around the Plus size lifestyle.
Miss Plus-Size Kenya 2015
This is the first agency of its kind in the country  and one can only look ahead to better things.
Neomi Nganga, the Plus Fabulosity ambassador
The Miss Plus Size Kenya gets an edge over other beauty pageants given it’s originality and the clamour for self-appreciation. The bubbly CEO reckons that 2016 will be a big year with plans to diversify the brand, come up with projects and spread across major towns in Kenya and event East Africa.
The main aim is to give people creative ability out there.  It’s all about giving the curvy girl confidence and self-belief. Francisca talks of a brand that is out to change perception and says that they have a Plus Fabulosity models audition set for January 2016.
Plus Fabulosity has an empowering message to curvy teens and moms.
“Teens if you can’t find anyone to look up to, look at yourself and remember you have a purpose in life. Don’t put yourself on the back burner. Never let your size determine your personality.”
Do you know any fabulous plus size women who can be part of Plus Fabulosity? Send us their contacts and Plus Fabulosity will get in touch!

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