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Bedroom Manenoz; Imran Okoth wins Kibra Seat

Bedroom bully Imran Okoth has been officially announced as the winner of the Kibra By-Elections by the I.E.B.C.

He garnered 24,491 votes in the By-Elections. MC Donald Mariga of Jubilee Party came second with 11181 votes .

The Kibra By-Elections was one of a kind as it drew many top political leaders into war of words.

The constituency that was vividly viewed as Former Prime Minister Raila’s bedroom for decades was put to test in a lieu to overthrow him from his own backyard.

Imran’s win was expected in that leaders behind the famous BBI, drummed their support for him.

Again one thing that was quite phenomenon in the By-Elections, most people who were campaigning against Imran were not voters in the area.

The ODM leader took time yesterday from morning hours, carrying his whole family to the constituency as they all casted a vote for Imran.

This was a demonstration that the leader’s heart lies in the epitome of Kibra. His all family casted their votes in the constituency.
As the votes continued to be counted yesterday, Mariga conceded defeat in a show of political maturity as he accepted that the Bedroom Bully had overtaken him.

With Imran’s win , a lot is going to brew from the top political leadership and some leaders are likely to be shipped away by the Tsunami that is expected to avail.

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