Last week Nicki Minaj came out of her hiding and it seems she is now ready to pick up things from where she had left.

She has already released two songs with Barbie Tingz released yesterday already having over 2,600,000 views on YouTube.

In an interview with Beats 1, published yesterday. Nicki addressed the beef rumors with Cardi B. Nicki Minaj says the only thing that really hurt her with Cardi B was an interview immediately after Motorsport was released where the only thing Cardi said was, Nicki’s verse on the song had been changed. Both of the rappers also never appeared on the same shots in the video further fueling the rumors of an ongoing beef, but she refutes the claims and says it was due to clashing schedules something she had talked about, with Quavo

Nicki continues to say that none of the rappers came forward to defend on the rumors despite the fact that they all knew the truth including Quavo who told her he can only defend her on twitter if she was his girl.

Here is the full interview|: