#BeefAlert Eric Omondi Accusing Chipukeezy Of Stealing His Jokes and Women?!


Seems like this Easter season came with many beefs. Eric Omondi has accused Chipukeezy of stealing his jokes among other things. He sent a very emotional post tarnishing his fellow comedian name both on a personal and professional level.

In the letter, Eric stated that Chipukeezy was not authentic and he stole his Raila joke and changed it to Uhuru. He also claims that Chipu took ‘Itakuaje?’ from his popular ‘Hawayuni?’ open statement. A bitter Eric claims that he usually tries to steal his show. When he gets a show in Nairobi, Chipu gets one in Mombasa.

The beef got personal when he mentioned a lent belt and stole tie. Talk about being in it to embarrass someone. I’m not keen on Guy code but I’m certain that this isn’t part of it. The issue about stealing his ‘dobi‘ (the lady who washes his clothes) was a bit of a very comic part of his letter. I’m not sure whether it was because of how trivial it is or just because it’s Eric, he’s bound to tickle us in some way.

Of course a socialite couldn’t miss in all this; Eric Omondi has a knack of being associated with them. Which man wouldn’t like this? Chipukeezy is apparently one of the many thirsty niggas out there as he tried stealing Zari’s attention from Eric. Eric claims he invited Zari and Chipukeezy went ahead to pick her up. I won’t even ask if that’s something worth fighting over. All I can say is Zari cares least she’s madly in love with her man, Diamond.

After Eric having a great time teasing the Gospel artistes beef, he proved he also has some unsettled business. Is it just me or do you think this was immature way for him to settle his beef?

DEAR CHIPUKEEZY Bro one thing that has brought me this far is the respect i have for those who came before me and Humility has been my secret…Bro we are all here to entertain kenyans, We are here to make kenyans laugh… but the things you have been doing to me leaves me wondering HII NI COMEDY KWELI…First of all,ulikuja kwangu ukachukua tai yangu after nimekuachia belt…bro ule mother unioshea nguo ulianza kumtext text mpaka sikuizi ni wewe anakufanyia kazi…Najua unapenda njaro za ma mboch but bro hufanyi poa.Juzi nimekua na show Safaripark nawewe pia uka weka show yako Coast…Leaves me Wondering HII NI COMEDY kweli ama ni Competition?? Bro kila saa nikisema hawayuuuuni!!! Unauliza itakuaje??? Na juzi umechukua joke yangu ya Raila ukaichange ukaita Uhuru na ukaifanya kwa show yako KISS…nilienda nika shoot add yangu ya OLX kidogo ikikuja kwa TV nakuona ndani. Bro nili hustle nikapata number ya Zari the bosslady nika muinvite Kenya nawewe na Kichwa yako kubwa na kimbelembele zako ukaenda kumchukua airport, ona sasa ako na mimba ya Diamond …all these because ati Erico ni mkonde haezi do any…Bro…Bro…Bro… @chipukeezy @bahatikenya @willypaulmsafi