“In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends ‘’, Martin Luther King JR.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion; Here is why I think Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka made the best decision in missing the inauguration fete.

30th January 2018 , Opposition leader Raila Odinga took an oath and was inaugurated as the people’s president. What was amiss though was the absence of his co-principals.

Obviously, there had to be reasons that would attribute to Kalonzo’s no show at the inauguration. The hurling of a stun grenade; as the police spokesman put it; at his palatial home and withdrawal of his security details are among the many reasons to explain his absence  or do we call them the PR stunts that we are used to. 

Kalonzo the Frightened Crab

Once upon a time there was a crab that needed to cross a river. He went on to request his friend, the frog to help him cross. Out of the frog’s nature of being good, he did not hesitate and went on to offer help to the crab. As they were crossing, the crab stung the frog repeatedly. The frog asked the crab why he had gone on to betray his trust and his reply was that it was beyond his nature, it was beyond him to appreciate the fact that the frog had offered to help and went on to sting the frog.

Maybe Kalonzo is afraid of the many crabs that are in the coalition movement/ government. As much as he is referred to as the `watermelon’ due to his betraying nature, I tend to think he made the right direction. Kalonzo Musyoka is aware that the inauguration that went on was the start of a coup in disguise as the people’s will and an end to the electoral rigging and rot that there is.

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Kalonzo is an irredeemable coward but we will come to respect his decision to withdrawal of not being present. Who knows whether he sacrificed his image for his own safety ? C’mon folks, as much as it is good to be loyal to stick up to your words or stick up to your mates maybe it’s good to open thy eyes before all things go berserk.

As much as Kalonzo Musyoka squandered a chance of getting to run for president come 2022, maybe he is strategizing on how to consolidate his support base  far away from being an opposition leader. Despite the hallmark of the backlash in his base, Former Budalang’I Mp. Ababu Namwamba went on to leave the coalition as he thought it was best for him. True to his words, he is doing well than before. Maybe our Kalonzo  Musyoka borrowed a leaf or two from Ababu’s exit.

Here is my hypothesis, so Miguna Miguna went on to write a book about Raila’s hidden skeletons and on the oath taking day he was present. Don’t you think there is more than meets the eye ? Who knows whether Kalonzo even in his coward nature is using his intelligence beforehand. Maybe the damage that will arise from this will be beyond repair, if I may say so. One week is not yet over yet the Ruaraka Mp Mr.Kajwang’ has already spent a night in the cell.

This is just a tip of the iceberg. Kalonzo Musyoka is aware of what he is getting into bed with. I tend to agree with one political analyst, Philip Chebunet who went on to say that Kalonzo’s absence at the inauguaration fete proves that Raila Odinga is a lone ranger  as far as the opposition vision is concerned. Maybe the vision of the opposition government does not concur well with Kalonzo Musyoka.

Let the loneman pacify his image. As far as am concerned, he made the right decision.