Former United States Presidential candidate has caused social media uproar this morning by calling black Americans immigrants. This came while he was addressing employees of the Housing and Development docket that he currently leads. Ben Carson was recorded on CNN saying that immigrants worked harder than slaves. He was quoted as stressing that immigrants work for more hours and got less pay.

Ben Carson who is also a black American has brought hate among his fellow blacks by comparing them to immigrants who came voluntarily to America and not as slaves. He made it worse by saying that immigrants are slaves who came to America voluntarily. The video clip shared has him saying that America is the land of dreams and immigrants who came voluntarily wanted a better future for their families.

An audio recorded by CNN from a radio show Carson visited Known as the Armstrong Williams show he tells people to look up the meaning of the word immigrant. He went on to explain that an immigrant is someone who comes from the outside to the inside. The following link has the video which has brought uproar on social media especially from black people living in America and worldwide;

Some people on social media have even said that there’s a difference between this model of Ben Carson and the former who wrote great books such as Gifted Hands and Think Big. Using the hashtag #BenCarson some reactions have come through with most showing rage at his comments. Samuel L Jackson a renowned actor has expressed his disappointment by tweeting through his twitter handle @SamuelLJackson saying “OK!! Ben Carson….I Can’t! Immigrants? In the bottom of SLAVE SHIPS??!!…..”

Ben Carson has only brought hate for himself by calling black people in the country immigrants and according to Samuel L Jackson’s tweet he claimed others came in the bottom of slave ships meaning they hid in them so as to get to America.