#TrendyTuesday Best Fashion Items From 23rd Koroga Festival

It is a monthly music event that is held by Capital FM and more of a music festival that brings in musician from the country and even from outside. The festival that was held in the weekend was the 23rd Koroga festival Edition that was held at the prestigious Two Rivers Mall.

The Festival was graced by Blinky Bill,Big Nuz, DJ Stretch,DJ Adrian and the headlining act from the Tanzanian Sensation Harmonize who perfomed for an estatic crowd that kept asking for more of his `Kwangaru’ song performance.

It is in this festival the partying meets with Fashion. Peeps tend to bring out their A game in Fashion and for such an outdoor event well, the fashion scene is one to look forward to.

Here are the best looks we loved;

  • Berets

This have become the favorites for any fashionista and a must have, well for anyone who knows how to rock it. Berets are unisex and that’s the best thing about them and the fact that they’re diverse in that you can pair them with dresses, trousers. For this one, she paired the beret with a wrap dress for the simple yet playful look

  • Ankara

You can never go wrong with ankara especially if it’s well tailored. From design sewn into shorts, trousers, dresses,Kimono Ankara is the definite go to look for the versatile person. These ladies went for the Ankara dress and the designs were to die for. The accessorizing was well done and definitely the glammed up faces summed it all.

  • Lace Top

When you’re torn between being sexy and reserved, the lace top will definitely solve this. The lace detail gives it a sexy look and you do not want to expose too much. Anne paired her lace top with trousers and this was well thought out as she toned down the look by not exposing both her upper side and lower side.

  • Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are very stylish, chic and very comfortable. Palazzo pants have become the trendy yet refined fashion piece. They are way perfect for such an event as you do not have to worry about your clothes when busting a move.

  • Washed Denim Jeans

There is a refreshing feel when one wears the washed denim jeans. They also have a wide range where some stretch, ragged and they are appropriate for both sexes. Eric paired his washed jeans with a well-tailored blazer and toned down the look by wearing a dull colour different from the washed jeans look. This look was well thought out especially for the unpredictable weather.

Were you at the Koroga Festival? Which were the best looks? Tell us below.

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