College choices are turning to be a very critical twist in the recent times. If you are not careful with the course you take, you might be putting your future at stake. It is important to do adequate research to determine those courses that will remain relevant even in the future and those that could be rendered useless.

Following the employment trends in the country, here are some of the marketable courses one should put into consideration:

Web design and Software Engineering

Majority of the developing countries including Kenya are now becoming hot cakes for this course. This is due to the rise in the use of social media, websites and mobile applications. One would be taken through processes that lead to being an expert in those particular areas. Lately, you find mobile app laboratories like NaiLab where individuals challenge each other to create them. Do not forget that it pays a lot.

GIS and Remote Sensing

This is the aspect that deals with special analysis and mapping. It is the idea behind Google Maps. With the latest technology and internet, the world has integrated into a small village whereby with GIS and Remote Sensing you can easily locate something or easily maneuver to a given location. FYI- Uber is developing vehicles that could pick and drop clients to their destinations relying on Google Maps.


These courses are related in away and are will enable an individual to gain riches as quickly as possible. The professionals are very rare and are still marketable with the growth in the property industry.