It Is very hard for a campus student to keep the balanced lifestyle. You want to rock the latest clothes, looking good but most of it all keeping up with the trends. One thing for sure you will have to cater for yourself at one point or another. Getting good food going at cheap prices is easy only when you know the best spots to get this food.

Vibandaskis, as they’re famously known become the favorites as they always serve good food for some few coins It is no surprise to see even the rich kids hurrying up to get their stomachs full at these vibandaskis, after all who doesn’t want to save a coin or two over lunch expenses?

Here are the best spots at JKUAT to get good food at cheap prices;

Sajos              Seasons                    1st Class                    Moriah                    Darmak      Dinas

The food here goes for such an affordable price especially for the most loved food;

  • Chapo –Ksh 10                   Beef Stew- Ksh 60             Bean’s Stew- Ksh 20
  • Pilau- Ksh 60                       Rice- Ksh 50                                    Matumbo – Ksh 40
  • Fries-Ksh 80                                    Fruit Juice-Ksh 60              Soda- Ksh 30
  • Pilau Mix (Pilau&Fries)- Ksh 80

Any other spots you know of? Let us know in the comments below…