It has been long since Wainaina stayed within campus legitimately. Most of the time he would be seen in Mfumbiro hostel doing some laundries, sometimes in Nyayo 3 hostel taking lunch at his best friend Omondi’s room and later in the evenings he would visit Gatweri in Nyayo 1. No one knew who Gatweri really was to him, not even his close friends. Most speculated that Gatweri was, “just a friend” or rather the digital lass would call her just a “pal.” Wainaina never introduced Gatweri to anyone, neither did he have a girlfriend known to anyone. That was during last semester and a long holiday was to come, all went and hoped for a better semester when they come back.

Seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into days, days into months and finally a new semester was approaching. All prepared for a comeback and Wainaina was not left behind. He had prepared himself psychologically, physically, socially, financially and for those who understand the language of the bedroom, romantically. He had planned so well that during this semester for the first time in campus, he would escape, “piracy” and the Hester-skellter escapades from the housekeeper’s sight. You know the outcome of such an offense! So he applied for the room and finally landed the Mighty Nyayo 6, the paradise of all paradises and the center of Love and affection. Some called it Kichinjio! Maybe because it had a kitchenette whereby after kuchinja, unapika. Wainaina defied his birth right, the business acumen of the real son of the daughter of Mumbi! He declined all written and unwritten proposals to have his room on sale. The prices had risen to as high as 20000/= only for him. He thought, thought and thought! Between money, pride and risks involved! He could not let the God sent opportunity to go just like that! Maybe that was the only opportunity to show Gatweri that, “Mwana ni kuishi Nyayo 6, Effort pelekea bedbugs za Mfumbiro.” his dreams of ever becoming a loyal resident and a neighbor to our beloved V.C and all the priviledges of staying in Nyayo 6 as the room owner.

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Wainaina Registered and took the room, the good taste of meals from both ends of the kitchennette, the ever clean, serene environment. A place where you could comfortably call a lady and instruct her, “ukifika hapo kwa gate nitegee nakukujia.” Now the next big thing was to convince gatweri that he really felt for her. He called Gatweri and she didn’t pick. He tried again and it failed once more. “Maybe she is busy studying,” he thought, but exams were not any near! So he thoughyt of Whtatsapping, “Hi pal, Come unitembelee nyayo 6 kwangu…” No sooner had he pressed the sent button than four replies followed at a speed of light! “ Hey swts pole, uko room gani hata niko hapo ground floor, nimekuja na Aromat!!!” He was so exited, he new that with aromat, the day would be unbelievable!!

so he waited patiently, panicing at every step his neighbor wafula was making as he rushed to the kitchenette every now and then. Finally, Gatweri arrived, she was lookin gorgeous, so pretty and very attractive that both the south pole and the North pole met coincidentally at a right angle!!! It was moans everywhere. The housekeeper who was in attendant that day got suspicious and opened the door of room number 202 forcely only to find Wainaina and Gatweri planning for the future generation! Luck was not on their side as they had broken one critical rule, “ Thy shall not be caught.” wainaina was found guilty of speculating into the future at the wrong place and the wrong time and sentenced to denial of residential status within campus for the rest of his academic life within campus. Gatweri being a victim of circumstance, was freed but she was lucky that she had carried aromat, it could have been a different story! Wainaina got help from the Comrades Pirates Association (CPA) and re-united with his old friends, the Bedbugs of Mfumbiro hostel under flagship of piracy, thanks to Omondi his die hard

By @ Erick Okoth