Betty Bayo Vs Mercy Masika


These two beauties have rocked the gospel industry and are both good in their profession as musicians. But when it comes to the wardrobe, who shines brighter.

  1. On the mic

Here Mercy Masika has nicely done braids, a simple patterned dress and nice long earrings. Betty however has a leopard print dress and brown braids. The look isn’t gospel artist chic if you ask me. The earrings however aren’t that flattering.


  1. Close ups


Betty in a bright yellow top with a bracelet that well complements it, here make up is well done. The earrings do well with the outfit.

Mercy has an adventurous hair do, a simple black top and jewelry that largely complement it. Her make-up is also well done, bringing out her eyes.

  1. On TV


Betty dresses in a yellow peplum top with black lace detailing on her interview at Citizen TV. Mercy Masika however mixes it up by mixing different patterns and prints. Her brown blazer compliments her African inspired  necklace. We give this one to Mercy for  trying different looks more.

4. Out and about

Betty looks elegant in her simple short sleeved top and red skirt with white polka dots. She matches her red earrings and red ankle high heeled boots.


Mercy Masika looks dope in this brown leather jacket with off-white sleeves and red zipper paired with plain black tights.


5. Accessorizing


The eyebrows were probably filled in too much in this look but Betty did well with her multi-coloured checked bare back dress with frails on the top. The pink earrings do well with the whole look as her is in curls that are high up.


Again with the twists coming in the front of her head this time, Mercy blends a coral blue and multi coloured beaded neckpieces together. They work well with the white top to brighten her face. Make up is well done; just simple lip gloss and light blue eye shadow.

Who between the two does it for you?