Guys before you believe that girl has trapped you, you need to read this. It seems Kenya has been the dumping site for fake condoms from China. Three million fake condoms we confiscated in Shanghai on Tuesday last week.

The fake goods were all produced inside the well-equipped workshop, and were sold online under big name brands such as Durex and Jissbon to small hotels. They were also packaged and ready to be sent to shops and kiosks in Nairobi!

While the online cost was only 0.1 yuan (Ksh 1.50) per item, the hotels make a hefty profit selling them to customers for around 3 yuan (Ksh. 48), according to Xin’an Evening News. These condoms had a foul smell and holes in them.

fake condoms
Fake condom production in Shanghai, China.

According to Doctor Githegi who has a private practice in Nairobi, defects of the counterfeit condoms include “failing to prevent pregnancy and protect users against sexually transmitted infections.”

This is therefore very dangerous.

So how can you tell which are the real from the fake?? Doctor Githegi went on to tell us;

“Suspiciously low prices, poor quality of printing on the packaging and whether information on the foil packaging of individual condoms match that on the box.”

You must also be aware of the markings on the box. Make sure it has the proper spelling and markings. Use this box as a reference to avoid any problems;

how-to-spot fake condoms

So next time you are in a frisky mood with your partner, make sure to get genuine condoms to avoid unwanted pregnancies and/or STD’s.

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