A student at KCA University has been suspended for meeting with Babu Owino. The university is on bad terms with the outspoken Babu Owino and would not even like any of their students meeting with him. The letter of suspension sent to John Lucas Nyangaresi accused him of meeting with the ‘well known university enemy.’ It went on to say that last year Babu threatened to burn his car after the Vice Chancellor suspended a student for urinating in his office.

The letter contained details of the meeting between the KCA University student and Babu. From the location to the exact duration of the meeting. The student, John, has now been suspended for a year. He has also been warned on meeting Babu Owino again as this can lead to his expulsion!

Babu Owino is an active student activist and Chairman of Students Organisation of Nairobi University (SONU). He has led many university strikes and is known for his outlandish ways of voicing his opinions.

Here is the letter:

kca suspension letter