These three ladies have been making headlines for a very long time now and it’s time to put them to the test. Pun intended.

Beyonce,Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian are all in the running for TIME‘s annual Person of the Year honors. And because life can never be too painful,those merciless sadists the mag is asking us to choose among the three via a poll. Should the woman who created the concept of“pulling a Beyoncé”take the prize? Or how about the lady who broke album sales records against all odds? Or perhaps we should hand it to the one who single-handedly (double-cheekedly?)broke the Internet?To be fair, Bey, Tay and Kimmy K. aren’t the only candidates time is considering. French economist Thomas Picketty (yas)and Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren (YAS) are also being considered, andNobel Prize recipient Malala Yousafzaiis currently in the lead with 6.3% of the vote at press time. Plus, theTIMEeditors will ultimately make the final decision. But still…DON’T MAKE US CHOOSE.