Beyonce and Jay- Z, despite break up rumors, have been making sales from their hit singles and surprise album releases keeping our thirst for their music on check.

One of their great hits “Drunk in love” which has a spectacular video coupled up with awesome lyrics has gotten the couple in a bit of trouble.

Hungarian performer Monika Miczura, or Mitsou, is suing Beyonce, Jay-Z, and producer Timbaland for “Drunk in Love.”

In a suit filed on Dec. 12 and obtained by EW, Mitsou claims the track uses her 1995 song “Bajba, Bajba Pelem,” cutting and distorting the track for its inclusion in the Beyonce track.

She is also asking a judge for the song to be prevented from airing so long as it has what she claims is her voice still present.

The song originally appeared on the 2013 release Beyonce, which just celebrated its one-year anniversary. Representatives for Beyonce could not be reached for comment.

Well I have listened to it and I still don’t hear any relation to Drunk in love. Do you?