Yes readers, just as the header says… the late Samuel Wanjiru, the Kenyan Olympic marathon champion, did not fall off the balcony but he was bludgeoned to his untimely death with a blunt object.

The Senior medical officer who performed his autopsy goes ahead to say that Samuel was in fact beaten, which caused him to stagger off the balcony, so he was pretty much dead before the fall because the distance from his balcony to the ground was too short to even render him unconscious.This was the very same hypothesis former government chief pathologist, Moses Njue, presented shortly after his death, trying to rule out the possibility of suicide that was the word on the street.

This case leaves a very big question… what happened to the investigation? Why and how did it end? I mean, the esteemed athlete passed on four years ago and just like his lifeless body, the investigation ran cold! For someone who brought the glam and glory home, that case should have stayed on top of the feds’ desks until kingdom come… but just like everything else that happens in Kenya, it fell under the radar and the rest is history!

Well, now that we are sure that the late Samuel Wanjiru was murdered in cold blood, we can only hold our breath and hope none of our current athletes meet the same fate. We cannot bear another inexplicable loss in our sports world, one is a bit too much!

What are your sentiments about this case? Let us know.