The excitement I got after discovering that I was going to be a student of the University of Nairobi (best university in East Africa) was immense. I bet this was the same for most people as the stories you hear now come to life.  The reckless parties, hilarious lectures, bad cheaters getting caught, talented and influential youth and the beginning of a meaningful life become a reality. However even with a glowing resume and loads of fun some really irritating things come with being in a public Uni:

  1. The hustle

Public universities may have systems but some function minimally or not at all. In KU getting a semester’s units registered is one hell of a hustle as well as getting a hostel. Many students seek residence in neighboring estates.


  1. Politics

Democracy sure is a key thing to teach your students but in public universities it gets overwhelming and pretty scandalous. Elections sometimes spiral into crazy riots and sometimes deaths. Case Scenario: JKUAT, University of Nairobi.


  1. Impolite staff.

When you really need to find something out or get assistance, government entities in Kenya can give you a headache. This includes public universities. It may take a while to get anything done if you require a public administration’s help.


  1. Misplaced priorities

Kenyatta University built a new gate while some students lack hostels and squeeze in lecture halls. University of Nairobi is also faced with this challenge as the toilet facilities are mostly in a devastating state.


  1. Self- education

This is not particularly irritating but learning on your own and finding a way to grow in your field is going to mostly on you if you study at a public university.  Lecturers will miss a multitude of lessons and most of the curriculum has become dilute so you need to find a way to apply all the theory that is taught in school.


If fun and play is your cup of tea, a public uni is where to be but be ready to deal with these issues.