Have you ever listened to one of your favorite artists and noticed a weird repetition on songs, of something specific maybe? Some of these repetitions can get you thinking, like they got me thinking… So here are some other about some musicians which, once you see or hear them, you can’t ever look past …

Pitbull Keeps Trying To Drop References And Failing Miserably

Although some have criticized Pitbull’s lyrics as being 90 percent “ass and titties” and 10 percent made-up Spanish words, if you squint really hard, you can read past that into what he was really trying to convey. Mainly, that he doesn’t know who a lot of these other celebrities are.

So Tom Cruise is your friend? Are you saying it’s news that you met up with him in Mumbai? Why would seeing a woman who looks like Halle Berry make you think of a fruit? At least (based on the song titles) Pitbull acknowledges the overwhelming scientific evidence for global warming, even if it doesn’t actually come from sexy mami’s bodies.

For some celebs, Mr. Worldwide seems to know in general who they are, yet relegates them to one broad aspect:

Alfred Hitchcock did not direct snuff films. Dennis Rodman, really? That’s the best he could come uo with? At the time this song came out, Rodman was way more famous for visiting North Korea, but I guess nothing sexy rhymes with “totalitarian.”

Weirdly, P-Billy’s insane references do not end there. He has routinely plagiarized popular nursery rhymes for contentI like to picture his mom hanging these on her fridge.

Lil Wayne Loves Poop, Apparently

Lil really likes to remind other rappers that he is the shit, and then more often than not follows that up with a reference to actual feces.

Did anyone else notice that he just bragged about smelling bad? Am I missing something there?

And don’t forget the toilets…

I just love how the first thing he imagines doing in a mansion is sitting in the bathroom for 24 hours.

Amazing how he breaks down what life is all about into a workable metaphor. There is just no better word to describe life’s cultural shortcomings while still remaining nuanced enough to celebrate the reason we live. It’s just …


source: Cracked