Insecurity in general is a matter of national concern with the recent crackdown on terrorists by the government. But as the saying goes ‘charity begins at home.’ we should actually begin by looking at the root cause of the insecurity in our country. My argument will be on insecurities in colleges and universities. It is an issue that has caused deaths and loss of property among students and even the staff around the school. The basis of such insecurity may be to get quick cash, hate of someone or just a revenge mission. The question is, is insecurity inside and around the school caused by outsiders or students themselves? The answer is that, it is caused partly by students and partly by outsiders. Let’s look at each of the categories:


By the term ‘outsiders’ I refer to people who are not students but who stay around the school or at times even inside the school. They are said to be the highest causers of insecurity in universities. An example is Kenyatta University in which outsiders from Githurai and kahawa are believed to be always up to no good when in contact with the students. They cause insecurity in the following cases:

ü  When events are organized in schools and where students from other universities are allowed to attend they take advantage of that and get their way into schools and steal from people and even use violence when doing so. An excuse to that may be that identity cards are checked for each student before gaining entry when in real sense the ones pretending to be checking the identity cards are the ones who liaise with the outsiders and give them entry and later they get sorted by the same thugs.

ü  In areas where a larger number of students stay outside school for example in Kenyatta University most of them stay at Kenyatta market and kahawa, there is always high cases of insecurity and it is always blamed on students. It may be true that students take part in the killings and attacking of students in such areas but it may be also true that outsiders take part in the vice knowing very well that the blame will be put on students staying in such places.

ü  When students are late from school maybe due to reading for exams in school, they get attacked on their way home, this has happened many times at the gate of Kenyatta university. Even when students are from clubs or elsewhere late in the night, they get attacked on their way to school. Part of the attackers are outsiders.


They are the highest cause of insecurity in their schools. This is as below:

-Stealing of fellow students properties in hostels and classes on normal days cannot be blamed on anyone apart from the students who are in that school. One student confessed to me that he steals students’ clothes on cloth lines and sells them to other schools.

-Attacking of fellow students when they are late from classes or the library to their hostels on normal learning days is an act done by the fellow students, no doubt about that.

-On days when functions are in school, high cases of insecurity are reported, most students will be blame outsiders but the truth is part of them take part in the act too, several have been caught red handed.

-Also in areas where a large number of students stay like in kahawa and Kenyatta market, students attack and steal from each other and put the blame on outsiders.

Just like the saying goes ‘charity begins at home’ my fellow students, lets avoid attacking and stealing from each other and instead root out these evil doers and take them to the authority. Also students who are put in charge of ensuring security for example during functions and event should do their work properly and avoid allowing such people in school. Be your brother’s keeper. The school administration should also ensure enough security in school like for example Kenyatta University has put up a unit in charge of emergencies around the school. To the government, please give students who stay outside school enough security because they are the future leaders, all thieves and robbers should be arrested and put in custody. What’s your take on this?