Alai did start with a  post and now he is under police custody. Controversial City blogger has found himself in the hands of the state again due to a gory post that he is alleged to have shared in his page.

After the Wajir attack, the controversial blogger went ahead to share pictures of police officers who died during the attack. A move that has been criticized by both Wajir political leaders and the Kenyan police boss.

He was arraigned in court today and the worst of all is that he will have to spend 30 more days to give time for the DCI to complete submit his evidence . He is likely to be the first blogger to be charged with the new anti-terrorism law.

Police Spokesperson Charles Owino termed the act of Alai as unfortunate and inhuman to the family of the officers who died. The soldiers did die after their vehicles runned into an explosive device.

He has also locked horns with personalities such as former radio queen Caroline Mutoko, student leader Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino(Embakasi West MP), and President Uhuru Kenyatta who took him to court due to his comments on social media.

A prison warder is also accused along Robert Alai for sharing pictures of his colleagues with Alai in that condition. The Police and the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NICC) issued statements saying Alai’s acts glorified acts of terrorism.

All media personalities need to familiarize with the new laws in place to avoid being arrested or else they share their moments as Alai is already having his.

What’s your view on Alai move to share the post? Was it necessary?