The month of May is a special month for all Reggae lovers. This is the month, the legend Bob Marley died. May 11th was the 30th Death Anniversary of the legend, who left this world young in 1981 due to cancer.

In 1967, Bob Marley joined the Rastafarian Movement, contributing, with other singers like Peter Tosh, Burning Spear or Jimmy Cliff, to broadcast the Rastafarian message.

What is the Rastafarian Culture? 

The Rastafarian culture is a non-violent, disciplined, and high maintenance religion that requires both dedication and sacrifice. Rastafari (or Rastafarianism) is an indigenous African-based religion and a political protest which, in the beginning, was closely associated with Jamaica only. However, with time, it has gained supporters in other countries.

Facts About Rastafarianism

1. It was established when Marcus Garvey foretold of the crowning of an African King.

2. It is made up of various sections with the most common being the Bobo, 12 tribes of Israel and the Nayabingi(derived from queen Nyabingi from Uganda)

3. The Rasta’s beliefs are majorly derived from the Christian bible which they use as their text.

4. They believe that Haile Selassie 1 was the second coming of Christ despite the fact that he denied being the reincarnation of Jesus.

5. Rastafarians believe that Africa is the Promised Land and Ethiopia was and is Israel.

6. As hard as it is to believe, not all Rastafarians smoke marijuana.

7. They believe that the body is a temple and discourage any defilement of the body with junk food and also believe they should not cut hair as evident by their growth of dreadlocks.

8. They consume a special diet known as Ital  which is made of purely organic food and no additives and flavors are added to the meals. They also discourage the consumption of seeds from any of they food they partake in.

9. They are associated with three colours also known as the true colours, which are:


Earth, gravel, sand… green represents the homeland of Rastafarians: Ethiopia. The green is more than just a symbol, though. It is a call to action and a reminder that the Earth needs nurturing and protecting.

* Yellow

Next up is the color yellow. Yellow represents the sun, light, and warmth. The light of Rastafari similarly shines on all of us, providing a source of one love, one light for everyone to share. The sun lets us live. The sun gives us life.

* Red

Red is the final color. It symbolizes the blood of those in Africa and Jamaica. Red is a cry for equality and fairness that stems from oppression and struggle.

The Rastafarian culture encourages one to know about the African culture, which is funny as most people are trying to forget it! has appeared to transcend economics, politics, gender and language. Nowadays, this movement has two million followers throughout the world and many more fans.

Bob Marley was a key player in spreading the Rastafarian message to the world. His legacy will forever reach all genres of life and music. A man’s body might leave this existence but his words stay alive for generations to see. To conclude, here are some famous words from Bob Marley song, ‘Africa Unite’;

Africa unite,
‘Cause we’re moving right out of Babylon,
And we’re going to our Father’s land, yea-ea.

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