The County Government of Nairobi has now banned boda bodas from entering the CBD. The ban is set to take effect today: January 23rd 2018.

This is in a bid to reduce crime rates since according to eye witnesses, boda boda riders help thieves escape quickly on their motorbikes after robbing unsuspecting pedestrians. Reports of theft have increased greatly this year with thieves taking advantage of people walking on sidewalks with no fear of being seen or caught.

“Pursuant to the provisions of the Traffic Act CAP 403 of 2014 of the Laws of the Republic of Kenya, the Nairobi City County Government wishes to inform all motorcycle (boda-boda) operators ferrying passengers to and from the Central Business District (CBD) that such activities have been banned with immediate effect,” the notice reads.  

Only branded delivery motorbikes, carrier bikes and those offering courier services shall be allowed within the CBD. Motorbikes may also not be parked anywhere within the CBD.


Any boda boda operator found giving rides within the CBD shall get arrested and get fined or a long jail term.

Hawkers and Street Children

The County Government also claims that it is working towards removing hawkers from the streets. They too allegedly assist thieves in their criminal acts and make walking in town complicated for pedestrians who try to avoid bumping into people, stepping on hawkers’ goods, getting robbed, bumping into a pole or wall and getting run over by a matatu all at the same time.

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The streets in town being over crowded with boda bodas and their operators, matatus & buses and their conductors, regular pedestrians, hawkers, idlers, street children and other service offerers has provided thieves and other criminals with the perfect environment to steal and get away without facing any repercussions.

“Another menace is that of hawkers and we are working with the county government to ensure we reign on them, also to ensure they are selling genuine products. They might have allowed hawkers in the CBD because they wanted votes. Now the elections are over we are going to clear them off our streets,” the Nairobi Regional Commissioner, Bernard Leparmarai, said.

They are also working towards ridding Nairobi streets of homeless children by moving them into children’s homes. These kids are notorious for pick pocketing and snatching food out of peoples’ hands in broad daylight.