Bongo Artist Harmonize accused of stealing beats

Tanzanian Bongo Star Harmonize is in hot soups . He released a song that has been hitting the air waves. His latest song, “Uno” has been in the media waves for quite sometime. His song has raised questions from one man.

Producer Magic Enga has accused Harmonize of stealing his beats in his song. A move that has made many fans of the artist to hit on him .

The producer has given Harmonize an ultimatum  to pull down the song in a week or face consequences. He wrote a post in swahili to ensure that Harmonize is able to read it . A move that seems to belittle the superstar.

“@Harmonize_Tz  I am giving you 1 week to take down the song otherwise…..” He wrote that after sharing a clip he did the last four months before Harmonize produce his Uno music.

Piracy has continued to be reported in the music and film industry. Most singers are reported to steal beats, songs and even ideas before they actualize. One thing you will be surprised event he top musicians you enjoy their songs, some are infringing on other people’s rights.

We have musicians who are good at breathing life to songs written by other song writers. Some musicians do songwriting and again sing very well. When it comes to beats, some producers also steal beats from others.

Here’s the song that seem to be on the talks.

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