It is barely a week since Boniface Mwangi was the talk of town after walking out of a live TV interview. It is here again in the public domain that the well-known Kenyan activist is doing his KCSE, 18 years after leaving high school.

The activist left school 18 years back after being suspended by his principal in form one (looks like being an activist and being rebellious is in his blood.) Despite this, he has been very successful as an award winning photojournalist that led to him starting Pawa254 alongside being an activist and author.

The award winning photojournalist went back to sit for his KCSE examinations this year as a private student. He has enrolled at Visionary Tuition Centre in Nairobi’s South B where he mentioned that he is taking the examinations with other private students including a 60 year old man.

Boniface Mwangi has been very vocal on corruption and has been battling a court case against the Deputy President but the case was however dropped. For that reason, he has expressed fears that he might not perform well because he could not find adequate time to prepare as the court case was ongoing. He says;

“I had planned to take a sabbatical leave but Ruto sued me and I haven’t been able to study much. My lawyer, Gitobu Imanyara tasked me to do background media research on this case. Instead of studying for my exams, I have been busy preparing for the Ruto case and for the book launch. Regardless of the result, it won’t be the end of life”

Despite this, Mwangi says his kids have already bought him success cards to wish him well something that has been tradition during examinations period.  He however says that he feels lucky to have soared the heights of success without a form four certificate.