(Last Updated On: October 14, 2013)

Here draws near the season that most young men have been waiting for.A time that even toothless dogs manage to scoop the soft meat and all the mosquitoes become anopheles.A season that the abundance of beef scares even the loose appetites.
It is over a month into the semester and from whichever spot you stand and watch you notice how financial drought encroaches and humbles once arrogant and lavish campus extravagants.Those who frequented the Students Business Centre for daily meals,or shopping centre for after-lunch drinks and snacks during the semester onset have gone AWOL customers,an indication that their financial muscles have shrunk.
Some few lucky ones with fat-pocketed parents wait with baited breath to entice and tap helpless chics whose edges have reached the limit,using their predatory antics.
This is the time when long trousers become the common feature among our skirted fellows.This is to precisely cover those spots resulting from scratches emanating from body lotion deficiency.Woe unto her that was blessed with complexion of darkness totality!
This time people force their way towards the library.You will see them getting inside the Post-Modern Library but never emerging.If you follow them,you will find some already in the dreamland while others pretend to be busy revising for their forth-coming exams,only to be betrayed by the endless energy-consuming yawn and the constant stomach-rumbling as the hunger-arousing sun crawls westwards.Dusk seems so far!
Kudos to Safaricom for SMS subscription that makes communication easier for Jenny.Every moment she would text;”Niaje Frank,nakam unishow ile mao.Uko room?”
Most guys vacate the air,citing phone malfunctioning just to evade the then christened ‘loosely-hanged chiquittas’.To other inclined fellows,praising the Lord for that period becomes the scapegoat,not knowing that the shortcut to heaven is a long journey.
Those ladies who are lucky to have audience with machali end up compromising in a ‘scratch my back I scratch yours’ affair that at times supersedes the initial probable difficulty.

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